Interview – Fête de la Musique 2017

Video credit to Mapo Radio

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Thanks to Mapo Radio for this interview of Taiwan MC. He’ll be playing at Modern Sky Lab on 21st June for Fête de la Musique!! Enjoy 🙂

Interviewer:Lucy / Artist:Taiwan MC


1. Band introduction, band members .

Me and the Chinese Man band. They a collective French trip funk band created in 2004 and originally from Aix-en-Provence. They are influenced by hip hop, funk, dub, reggae and jazz.

2. Could you tell us the meaning of your band’s name. Is your band’s name related to any of your previous experiences in Taiwan?

No, but it involves by artists and people around.

3. If using  word to describe your music to audiences in China, what would that be?

Versatile /Reggae jamaïcain rock, dub, Spanish music, very diversified.

4. What’s the reggae scene look like in Paris?

Getting more and more well known. People from all the world come to Paris so we have a diverse of nationalities and groups. It’s a place or moment when we are getting together and have a time. Drum and bass musique, Local soundtrack .

5. What made you want to make reggae music? Who’s your favorite singer/ band? / who do you look up to?

Favo: Denise Brown from Jamaica.  Loom up and grown up in a music family. Jazz teacher, music lovers family members, singers, so started by singing  Rap, then giving concerts and tour.

6. You’ve released 3 albums,  “heavy this year”, “diskodub”, and “cool and deadly”, are there any changes from the first album to your third? (For music and yourself)

First album 6 tracks.3 long player trace 12. Same producer. Sound engenier. Developing and more madure.

7. Which is your favorite song among all your works?

Fav: “heavy this year”. Because it brings and tells about melodies and give people happiness.

8. Will you one day want to try some other types of music as well? ( besides reggae)

Yes, of course. Ex.: Jazz, solo music, combination of musics will be funny. I would love to have a concert with my family members as well.(Kidding).

9. Tell us about your coming up gig in Beijing 😉 (夏至音乐日)

I have been in Beijing and performed at Mix/Cargo, etc doing live musics as a DJ. It would be great this time to be at Beijing Summer music festival and I’m very looking forwards. Me and our band we love foods and beers. Especially local food, so are the Chinese ones. So besides the concert we would love to discover the other side of the city which gives us inspirations for our compositions.

Listen to Taiwan MC – Heavy this year

摄影:Raki Yang
采访:Lucy Liu
部分图片:来自Taiwan MC FB

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