Sound Engineering Workshop pictures!

Fête de la Musique is not only about free concerts on the 21st of June, it’s also striving to help the local music scene improve, hence the Sound Engineering Workshop!

The second day and last day of our Sound Engineering workshop for live music technicians took place at Modern Sky Lab last Monday (12th), and it was fantastic! Just like on the first day, we had a lot of people showing up with great questions, a lot of curiosity and good vibes all around.

Éric Lattanzio, our teacher for this workshop, spent about two hours talking about EQ, before moving on sound checking a live band. He will continue helping local sound technicians by doing home visits in the coming week.

Thanks a lot to drummer Shen Lan (from Scary Honey, Unspoken, and Ananke) who was kind enough to let participants try their hand on the mixing table!

People interacted a lot, and we were also very happy they could take a break after two intense and exciting hours talking about EQ

Éric’s explanations were so powerful that someone’s third eye opened!

Participants came from all kinds of venues around town

Wang Jin did a great job translating technical concepts from English to Chinese, we are so thankful to him for his hard work throughout the Workshop!!

Our partner the French Embassy made an appearance too 🙂

And there was food too, thanks to our partners Crêpanini and Baozza! 

Thanks a lot to the Modern Sky Lab team for having us! 谢谢摩登天空LAB的人的欢迎,特别是老关!

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