Modernsky Lab: Introducing DB Bros!

 夏至音乐日 Fete de la Musique

@MODERN SKY LAB, 21st June, from 8pm

We forgot to introduce the label DB Bros working with us on the excellent shows we’re bringing to Modern Sky Lab this Wednesday 21st June for Fête de la Musique. Read below to find more about their work, and further down if you don’t know yet about the other artists playing on that day. Free entrance y’all !!

DB Bros Records

DB Bros Records (DB Bros) is the first record label from China dedicated to reggae and dancehall. This music label has been created by three friends all currently living in Beijing, China; Raddam Ras (aka. Mc Webber)Ewo Flint and General Huge are confirmed musicians evolving in music for more than a decade. DB Bros Records aim is to promote the reggae movement in and out China, by producing projects with both international and local artists, promoting international artists locally and local artists internationally.

DB Bros is not only releasing singles, EPs and LPs every year, but also spreading their own music through sound-systems, tours, showcases and concerts.

DB Bros already had countless collaboration either on stage or in studio with artists from all over the globe such as Heavy HK, Brother Culture, Tippa Irie, Ras Demo,U-Brown, Perfect Giddimani, Chuck Fendah, Naptali, Lutan Fyah, Aima Moses, Elijah Prophet, Long Shen Dao, Jiang Liang Sound, ChaCha, Far East Lion, BigRed, Don Camilo and many more.

General Huge

General Huge is a Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall singer, songwriter and beat maker. During the early years of his career, the General previously recorded two albums in France, one with the French singer Matt and a solo album. He was part of aband in Beijing: Ultimate Band Crew (UBC). He toured the whole China with UBC between June and September 2016. UBC also brought Perfect Giddimani for a Chinatour with them on November 2015, thanks to IMCG Global.

He is also the co-founder of DB Bros Records, the first and exclusively dedicated to reggae, record label ever built in China.

He exported the concept of “One Riddim Album” in China by having different famous reggae artists singing on his label productions such as Perfect Giddimani, Chuck Fendah, Naptali, Elijah Prophet, Aima Moses, Lutan Fyah, Mikey Wild and many more.

On stage, General Huge made several cooperation during his career, either alongside his band UBC or solo, opening for the Chinese reggae band 龙神道 (Long Sheng Dao), Anthony B, but also for the UK dancehall stars Tippa Irie and Ras Demo as well as Nancy and Phoebe from Congo Natty, or Lady Chann, the UK dancehall queen. He also worked with the one and only Heavy HK, the old raggamuffin veteran U-Brown as well as the French reggae singer Don Camilo.

Solgi &Rawhx

Solgi is one of the hottest younger Performers coming out of the Bahamas. Not one to be a prisoner to any one genre, his live sets show no bounds by including genressuch as Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Rap, and Tropical House that attracts crowds from far and wide. He has been blessed to have the opportunity to have his music spun all over the Bahamas and China.Solgi has played in several very popular areas in Beijing such as Gongti, Wudaokou, as well as Gulou where hebecame the resident DJ for Samans Bar.Additionally, in 2016 he toured China with Ultimate Band Crew performing in places such as Xian, Lanzhou, and Yinchuan. Solgi has a passion for music and his career. He is determined to become successful.

Rawhxis a reggae singer hailing from Zambia, he incorporates different genres of music in his work aimed to be appreciated by people of all ages and races. In 2014 he created the musical project EMOTULI.

Modernsky Lab Show details:

2017  Fete de la Musique

TIME:06.21  Wednesday  20:00-LATE


ADDRESS:北京市 东城区 银河SOHO D座B1层 5-108

5-108,Floor B1,Building D,Galaxy SOHO,BEIJING


Lineup:MC Taiwan(FR)/ChaCha(SH)/Raddam Ras (BJ)/No 未来

MC Taiwan

Listen to Taiwan MC – Big Bag

Taiwan MC began his career in 2004. After touring China, he joined the Chinese Man Records label in 2009 and took part in Chinese Man’s album Racing With The Sun album. He has had more than 120 French festival shows, and also performed in South America.


Listen to Cha Cha – 我们最终会失去

 Such self-deprecation is typical of ChaCha (or Ye Hai Ya Han Xin Ge, to give her her full Man minority name). Though she likes to focus on her own Bjork-meets-Massive Attack trip hop productions, it’s her astonishing vocal skills which have brought her offers of work from the likes of top producers Clive Chin and Adrian Sherwood. She’s equally comfortable singing Sunday morning vocals a la Portishead or tough-girl MC’ing over bouncy reggae and dubstep, and even drum ’n’ bass. Head to her Douban page to hear her Chinese version of reggae classic ‘No No No (You Don’t Love Me)’ or the stunning ‘Rock City’, where her breathy, lilting lyrics soar over sharply echoing MC’ing.

Online resources:




Raddam Ras aKa McWebber

Raddam Ras aka MC Webber, is one of China’s most versatile MC/ vocalists. From founding pioneering Chinese hip hop crew Yin T’sang in 2000, to fronting energetic improv band Beijing Live Experience in 2007, performing live with Talib Kwali, to becoming possibly the first Chinese Drum & Bass MC, Webber’s talent with the microphone has inspired countless other Chinese MCs. Born in the 70s, MC Webber has been DJing for more than a decade, and emceeing for more than two. Webber won the Chinese Iron Mic MC championship so many consecutive times he was asked not to enter again. MC Webber had thousands of live performances, co-hosted with friends and partners for ten years the purist underground Hip Hop event Section 6, in-depth exchanges with international Hip Hop and Reggae masters… MC Webber is known as THE Chinese MC who is most artistically pioneering, recognised as the most loyal practitioner and leader of local Hip Hop culture.

No 未来

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