Full schedule 2015

For those of you who already want to plan your day, here’s the schedule of the day for this year. Don’t forget to download the app on your mobile if you want a handy map to find your way, follow the link on the black tab on the left of the page. Time is indicated in orange.

  1. Caravan (noon) — JAZZ Pierre Pradat & Friends
  1. Rechenberg (noon) — CLASSICAL

Flute 长笛 // Kathrin von Rechenberg
Soprano 女高音 // Christiane Zhu-Lambrecht
Piano and Violin 钢琴及小提琴 // Ariane Reimers
Piano and Woodwinds 钢琴及木管乐器 // Jochen Settili
Cello大 提琴 // Margaritha Wilke
Vocals 演唱者 // Beijing Voices

  1. Buerjiuguan (2pm) — FOLK Xie Yuchi 谢予迟, Lu Tianxiang 陆天翔, Wu Gui 吴妫, Liu Yusi 刘于思, Eryi Band而已乐队
  1. CANCELLED Vintage Fair
  1. C!Here Art Fair (3pm) — WORLD The Uyghur Jam Band, Templo do Samba, The Francophone Choir
  1. Chill (3pm) — EXPERIMENTAL Mao Cao Zhang Feng 马曹张冯
  1. 77 (4pm) – FRENCH SCENE International Festival Chorus and Orchestra, Bukatribe, Djang San & Band 张思安
  1. Café de la Poste (4pm) Open mic (11pm) DJ Friszko — ELECTRO
  1. Capital M (4pm) Wisemann Brass Ensemble – JAZZ
  1. Mai Bar (6pm) Remedios the Beauty — FOLK
  1. Institut Français (6pm) Beijing Calling – DOCUMENTARY FILM
  1. Home Plate (7.30pm) Orange Bud – FUSION JAZZ
  1. 4 Corners (8pm) Stevie Mac & the Mac Daddies; (10pm) Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine — SOUL
  1. DMC (8pm) D-crash 崩溃, O.S 厂牌, TOSS, The Demonstrators — PUNK
  1. DDC (8pm) Nasty Ray, J-Fever, Bukatribe – HIP-HOP
  1. Hot Cat Club (8pm) Esreg — FOLK
  1. Mao (8pm) Maoxuewang 毛血旺, Luv Plastik, 1984, Djang San 张思安 — ROCK
  1. Modernista (8pm) The Plum Trees ; (10pm) The Beijing Beatles — POP
  1. Panda Brew (8pm) A Long 阿龙, Xiao Cha 小茶 — FOLK
  1. Snail Hostel (8:30pm) Liu Yusi & Friends 刘于思与朋友们 — FOLK
  1. 69 (9pm) Jony Eve; (10pm) 6 Rotten Cabbage 六颗烂白菜 –FOLK
  1. Blue Stream (9pm) Youchangtuan 游唱团, (10pm) Red Cash –POP-ROCK
  1. Jianghu (9pm) Soul Pollution — BLUES
  1. Là-bas (9pm) Remedios The Beauty — FOLK
  1. School (9:30pm) Chinese Modern Guys, Lai See, Secret Club, The Hot Line 热浪 — ROCK
  1. Beermania (10pm) Xinadein — ROCK
  1. East Shore (10pm) Moreno Donadel — JAZZ
  1. Salud (10pm) Violette & The Hunters — FUNK