Rock Itinerary

So many concerts to choose from, so many great artists, tough to take your pick? This year we’re introducing itineraries for you to maximise your time on the 21st and see all the bands you really don’t want to miss. Starting with good old rock’n roll.


We have some serious rock bands playing at Fete de la Musique this year, so get your pogo on and start out at 7pm with Djang San + Band doing crazy things involving a zhongruan on the outdoors stage at 77 Theatre. At this point, the punks take a pilgrimage to holy DMC in Tongzhou and can get to the 2nd band at DMC (there’s 3 total). Leaving the punks be, the rest of you can make your way to Mao Livehouse, one of our main venues this year, which will be hosting handpicked local bands such as party-punk band Maoxuewang, and noise-rock epic duo Luv Plastik. These guys will be introducing smooth indie-rock band 1984. Those of you who missed out on Djang San’s heroics can get to see him again as he closes the party there. But but but… you might be inspired to go check out School as they kick off their Fete de la Musique party at 9.30pm with a Fantastic Four line up showing off some of the new hot things in Beijing.

For the mellow inclined, who don’t feel that dance necessarily involves elbows and jumping around, the pop vibes of Youchangtuan and Red Cash playing at Blue Stream will do, oh yes they will do quite nicely.

77 Theatre (6pm) Djang San & Band张思安与乐队

MAO Livehouse (8pm) Maoxuewang 毛血旺, (9pm) Luv Plastik洛夫塑料, (10pm) 1984, (11pm) Djang San & Band张思安与乐队

DMC (8pm) The demonstrators 示威者, (9pm) D-Crash, (10pm) TOSS

Blue Stream (9pm) Youchangtuan游唱团, (10pm) Red Cash

School (9.30pm) Chinese Modern Guys中国现代人, (10.15pm) Lai See利事, (10.40pm) Secret Club秘密俱乐部, (11.10pm) The Hot Line热浪