Dance Initiation at 77 Theatre

This year we wanted the public to join in the fun, so we’ve partnered up with Swing Beijing. Below is a presentation of what they’ll be doing. Starts from 3pm at 77 Theatre!

If there is swing music, for sure there will be swing dancing! Swing dancing is a social partner dance, originated and developed the same time as the jazz music style known as Big Band or Swing – in the 1920s-1940s, and many people around the world love and dance it today! Swing Beijing will add the vintage fun to the performance of Nanci & Delicatessen. Two of their instructors will show some basic moves and steps for anyone who wants to learn swing dancing and join them on the dance floor for the second set of the band! No dance experience needed, just grab a partner and follow the dance teachers.




If you want to know more about their events, check their wechat group:WeChat_1465295001

Moonglow Burlesque is a dance group specializing in retro dance styles, and the 1950s is their game! Together with Icy Whiskey they will shake things up in Rockabilly style! Two of their dancers will demonstrate some retro dance moves from the stage, and then teach a short class for everyone. With their help you can get some Twist and Gogo groove going, and enjoy the energetic tunes of the band even more!


For more information, follow this QR code: