Interview: The Big Wave

The Big Wave is a band that has made a name for itself in the past 4 years since their creation. We are very lucky to have them play at School Bar on the 21st of June. They were kind enough to answer a few questions:

Question 1: Who are the members of The Big Wave?

Vocals, guitar & synth::Li Jian (李剑)

Vocals & bass:Xing Xing (邢星)

Drums:Li He (李赫)

Question 2: When and how did you start the band? How did you guys meet?

Li Jian started the project in 2012, a friend introduced Xing Xing in 2013 and Li He joined us soon after. That’s how we got started.

Question 3: Why is your band called « The Big Wave »? Does it have anything to do with Pearl Buck’s book?

We took this name because we love New Wave music, it really suits our music. It’s got nothing to do with Pearl Buck.

Question 4: It seems your music has evolved a lot between your first album and your latest release, « Fill In”. Can you tell us why?

That’s right. At the beginning we were a lot into post-punk, new wave, so our music naturally sounded like that. As our band progressed, we started looking for modern and fresh stuff to add in, so we’ve started including a lot more electro elements in our new compositions.

Question 5: Your music has been described as inspired by the likes of Joy Division, New Order, Kraftwerk… Would you agree with that?

Oh yes. We all really like these bands. In the early stages of The Big Wave they were a big influence on how we created our music.

Question 6: The videos projected in the background are an important aspect of your concerts, could you tell us a little about them and the person who helps you realize them?

We might have been influenced by videos of foreign bands’ live shows. When The Big Wave first started playing on stage, we realized we should include some video as part of the show, not the usual VJ effects, but stuff that would really fit the meaning of the songs, so that when the crowd watches us play they can get a deeper feel for the music, understand us and remember us better.

Question 7: Have you heard of other French music festivals?

We’d love to play in France, especially Les Veilles Charrues.


Thank you so much for answering our questions!

You can hear The Big Wave’s music on their douban page: