Interview: Icy Whiskey

Icy Whiskey will be playing at 77 Theatre on the 19th June, so get your dancing shoes when you come over!

Q : What kind of music do you guys do?

A: Rockabilly with a touch of blues.

Q: Where does the band’s name come from?
A: Everyone in the band loves American whisky

Q:Why did you start doing this kind of music?
A: We just love the rhythm, the dynamism of this music made for dancing, so we went for it.

Q:Can you tell us about a band that influenced you a lot?
A: The stray cats

Q:Do you guys have a French band you like?
A: No, we actually don’t listen that much to French music…

Q:Had you heard about Fête de la Musique before? What comes to mind when you think of our festival?
A: Yes, we had heard about it. It’s really well done, and it happens every year, all concerts are free and it happens in a lot of different kinds of venues.

Q:What other gigs do you have lined up?
A: We have a couple festivals, like Zhangbei and something in Tianjin. We also have a gig at Modern Sky Lab on the 17th July at Modernsky Lab.

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