FDLM 2017: Sound Engineering Workshop


FDLM is very proud to present this project we designed for professionals of the music industry. Over the years, we have often been told about issues with sound quality at shows in the Chinese music scene. It is a consensual opinion among musicians, sound engineers, venue owners, and crowd alike that a lot could be done to improve sound quality. Therefore, it has been a long ambition of FDLM to participate in the effort to do something about this, and we have come up with the idea of organizing a free 2-day workshop specifically for sound engineers.

Our event is free of charge, and is only for professionals working as sound engineers. We have invited all sound technicians of venues participating in our event, but we are open to professionals from venues who are not participating, within the limit of seats (40), on a first come first serve basis – rsvp required.

The event will take place at MODERN SKY LAB. They have graciously offered to use their space and equipment for the workshop. It is a testimony to their dedication to the music scene here in Beijing, and we are very grateful to them.


我们还邀请到了知名调音师Éric LATTANZIO为这次工作坊讲课。ERIC是非常专业的调音师,毕业于法国国际音乐学院,目前在通州现代音乐学院执教。他有非常专业的音乐录制,混音与制作经验,比如与杀不死,简迷离,发光曲线等乐队合作。

We are honored and lucky to have Éric LATTANZIO as our teacher for this event. He is an extremely qualified sound engineer, professionally trained in France’s International Music Academy, and currently teaching in Beijing’s Contemporary Music Academy of Tongzhou. He has extensive experience in all aspects of live sound engineering, and has recorded, mixed, and arranged music for the likes of SUBS, Gemini, and Glow Curve.

活动详情/Event Info:







Workshop Day 1:

5th June  14:00-18:00:Covering the basics

After 18:00 : Informal dinner with all participants

Workshop Day 2 :

12th June 14:00-18:00:Practical training with a live band

After 18:00 : informal dinner with all participants


夏至音乐日由法国驻华大使馆大力支持,由运动品牌;le coq sportif长期赞助

FDLM Beijing is supported by the French embassy, we are also grateful to long-time sponsor Le Coq Sportif