Discover below the bands that will play during our event, and be sure to visit this page often as we add bands. 2016 is looking pretty great!


Uncle Hu

(June 21st, Jianghu)

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Style : Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

Label : D Force Records

Link :

Born in Chengdu, Beijing-based indie musician Uncle Hu has been making music under the influence of classic rock music in the 1960s, along with lo-fi / indie rock in the 1990s. Obsessed with exploring the potential of acoustic instruments, Uncle Hu released his debut album When Memories Collide in 2015. More recently, Uncle Hu has been performing with a full-band line-up. In 2016, Uncle Hu has signed with the newly formed Beijing indie label D Force Records, and is currently preparing for his next record.

Marie Madeleine

(June 19th, 77 Theatre)
MM image

Style : Electro / Pop / New Wave / Disco

Label : Ekleroshock

Link :

After the international success of the hit « Swimming Pool », seen more than 1.5 millions times on different web platforms, Marie Madeleine pursues its musical journey which started in 2010. Today, Marie Madeleine has a catalogue of 4 Eps, 3 Singles and various remixes and collaborations (Telepopmusik, The Superman Lovers, Noire Maison, Knight Riders, Jacques Renault, Club Cheval).

Marie Madeleine played in many venues, clubs or festivals; from the most sophisticated ones to the most mainstream ones. (Eurockéennes de Belfort, Printemps de Bourges, Gaitée Lyrique, Maroquinerie, Le Baron, Fang Shan Festival…).


Smokey Joe and the Kid

(June 19th, 77 Theatre)

SJTK image


Style : Swing, Hip-Hip, Electro

Label : Banzaï Lab 

Link :

Smokey Joe & The Kid is the association of two Beat makers from Bordeaux, passionate in Hip-Hop, bass music and groovy melodies from the 20th century. Percussion soloes played with scratch, beats and melodies performed with MPC; everything is played live. Their singularity comes from a clear Hip-Hop commitment based on samples inspired by traditional American Music repertoire.

Bon Voyage Organisation (BVO)

(June 21st, Modern Sky Lab)


Style : Experimental, Electronic

Link :

Bon Voyage Organisation is an ever-shifting constellation of musicians led by Paris based producer and bass player Adrien Durand. Durand was first spotted in 2009 by Jamal Moss, boss of renowned Chicago label Mathematics Recordings, which released Durand’s solo effort (Impersonnel Naviguant) under the moniker Les Aéroplanes. 

Les Aéroplanes became Bon Voyage with drummer Nicolas Ballay and keyboard player/ engineer Maxime Kosinetz joining the project on a regular basis. While opening for legendary Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli, the band caught the attention of Chicken Lips’s Steve Kotey, who released Bon Voyage’s first two records (Sorciers des Aéroports, L’Imposture) on STENDEC, a new imprint created for the occasion.


(June 21st, School)


Style : Electro rock dance 

Link :

SUCCESS is a quarter of french musicians which reconciliates rock and dance floor sounds.

The band drew attention in 2008 with the hit ‘Girl From New Orleans’ that was immediately spotted by RCA /Colombia in the UK underground music of Manchester (Areebo, Raw Fish records).The first album ‘Social Network Junkies’ was released in 2012 on Sakifo records. Success’ second album titled ‘Love and Hate’ was released in 2015.

Since 2007 Success have played many festival and clubs in France (Rock en Seine, Transmusicales, Marsatac) and have also performed in over 25 countries.

Djang San + Band

(June 19th, 77 Theatre)

FDLM(LaurentHOU) (7 of 11)

Style : Jazz, Rock, Electro, Classical Music, Experimental … 

Link :

Electric re-inventor of Chinese classical instruments zhongruan and pipa, philosopher, poet, composer, guitar hero, DJ, one man orchestra, music pioneer and explorer of new sounds, Djang San has been doing music in China since the year 2000. 

Djang San has so far released 35 albums, the music styles of the albums range from Jazz to electro, rock, classical music, experimental music and more. As a one man band, Djang San plays seven different instruments on stage including guitar, flutes, electronic devices and synthesizers.

Djang San + Band is an extension of Djang San, a trio based on an electric version of Chinese instruments zhongruan and pipa he has created himself. The band is now extending its playlist to all of Djang San’s albums.

The Big Wave

(June 21st, School Bar)


Style : New Wave, Post Punk

Label : Modern Sky

Link :

The Big Wave spreads out in the dark, their strong rhythms in flowery soundscape, like bright lights, superimposition and interference between black water waves.

They are restoring ancient ways to play music, in order to have more hand experimental instruments; sounding more playful and neurotic. Because behind all the sound machines, each emotion and personality of the band members are part of the band flesh, so they will resonate in their music, and quickly conquer each party animal present at their concerts.

In 2015, The Big Wave was named “Best new artist of the year at the 6th China rock MIDI Festival”. In July of the same year, they were invited to the world famous gigantic music festival “EXIT”.

Nanci and The Delicatessen

(June 19th, 77 Theatre)


Style : Swing Jazz

Nanci and The Delicatessen are dedicated to bringing the great rhythms and timeless thrill of swing music to dancers and jazz lovers alike! With toe-tapping standards and some surprises thrown in, they are sure to deliver tunes you can’t help but move to!

She Never Sings Our Songs (SNSOS)

(June 21st, Modern Sky Lab)


Style : Post-Rock

Link :

The band was founded in Beijing in February 2014, and has since then become one of Beijing’s most sought after acts. Incorporating everything from jazz, electronic and vocal elements into their work, the band creates lush, sincere post rock.

Glow Curve

(June 21st, Modern Sky Lab)


Style : Indie-Rock

Link :

Glow Curve is the essence of rock , psychedelic and electronic music, they are exploding in the area of the unknown and amazing. The post rock groovers, formed in 2006 and now signed to Modern Sky – the band’s sounds pursues the perfection of geometry, the art of violence, the experiment of illusions. It’s about sleep walking through outer space, daydreaming, drifting away, shocks, and the loud sounds that meet in the dark.

Steely Heart

(June 21st, School Bar)


Style : Rock

Link :

You all know Steely Heart, and you all love Steely Heart. Formed in 2006 they mix the directness of punk with some electronic elements. Busy in the Beijing underground rock scene for the past decade, Steely Heart have built a reputation based on insane crazy drunken shows. Steely Heart aren’t resting on their laurels, however, and over the past year have released the already classic songs “Champion” and “Long Wang”.

Icy Whiskey

(June 19th, 77 Theatre)


Style : Rockabilly

Link :  – 

Icy Whiskey brings the rockabilly fun with a  three-member lineup, founded by Wen Dawei, the founder, singer and double bass player. Born in 2013 from their love for vintage rock – especially the 1950s and 1960s hits of Elvis Presley and Little Richard – the band plays neo rockabilly, which brings a few modern elements into the nostalgic framework.


(June 21st, Jianghu)


Style : World

Link :

Established in 2007, Zulu is composed of four members from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, West-ern China. The band performs both original material and classic folk songs from Xinjiang, Mongo-lia, and Tuva.

China’s first album of khoomei throat singing was recorded and released by Zulu. Zulu’s music combines all sorts of musical styles, adding modern influences to a foundation of Mongolian and Tuvan traditional music. Zulu also integrates elements of flamenco, rock, psyche-delia, Buddhist, and African music into their songs, combining folk with contemporary music to cre-ate something never heard before.

Future Orients

(June 21st, Temple)


Style : Rock

Label : Maybe Mars

Link :

Future Orients (formerly The Eat) is a four-piece rock band from Beijing, China. They formed in the tumult of 2012, when their spiritual home, legendary rock dive D-22, was on its last legs. They started gigging regularly in the following years at D-22’s reincarnation, XP, fusing influence from UK indie stalwarts Foals and Mogwai with a homegrown, Beijing take on psychedelic freakout rock, dance punk, and kosmische electronica to present their own sonic brew: not quite pretty, but infectious; not quite crazy, but undeniably intense. 

Chui Wan

(June 21st, Modern Sky Lab)


Style : Experimental psychedelic rock

Link :

Chui Wan (吹万) is a four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China. 

Chui Wan’s core members have always been central members of Beijing’s dynamic experimental music scene, leading the band to be named by Time Out Beijing as the hardest working band in psychedelia. In 2014, that same publication dubbed frontman Yan Yulong among the ten Beijingers making a mark in the cityand called him one of the leading lights of Beijings experimental music scene.”


(June 21st, Temple)


Style : Rock

Link :  –

BIRDSTRIKING entered the last great chapter into legendary BEIJING underground venue D-22’s book of lore. The band formed after college students He Fan and Wang Xinjiu met at a show by their favorite band, Carsick Cars, and thought — with timeless youthful bravado — “I could do this.” He Fan picked up the guitar and Xinjiu got behind the drum kit; the duo auditioned a string of bassists, finally settling on Zhou Nairen as the third leg of the juggernaut.

In February 2012 they released their self-titled debut to critical praise both within China and abroad. The record’s inimitable mix of tuneful hooks, calculated psych-noise meltdowns, precision rhythmic structure, and brash lyrical frankness quickly cemented them as the frontrunner of a new generation of young Beijing rockers with an equal mix of heart, spit, and vision.


(June 21st, Temple)