About us


The World Music Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of music.
Created in France in 1982, it has quickly made a name for itself among music fans all over the world. The World Music Day is now celebrated in more than one hundred countries.
The concept is simple: every 21st of June, on the summer solstice day, musicians and music lovers are invited to meet each other at musical events that liven up the city’s streets.

Sharing a passion for music, diverse musical styles, the discovery of new artists and a festive atmosphere every year is our mission.


Our hope is to recreate this atmosphere in Beijing and to encourage the establishment of this concept in the culture of Beijingers over the years.

We also wish to promote free access to music to benefit cultural exchanges and the discovery of the Chinese music scene.

With this aim in mind, the Fete de la Musique Beijing takes place in the form of a coordination of many musical events accessible to all at no cost. We work with over 30 venues, as well as schools and institutional partners to spread the love for music!

2012 witnessed the birth of the 1st edition ofFete de la Musique Beijing  whose success led to renew the experience in 2013 with more novelties and as much musical craziness! In 2014, we were proud to boast over 30 venues, more than 60 concerts, and over 5,000 participants.

And we shall carry on with the arrival of the 5th edition this year thanks to the massive interest of the public in Beijing, be it Chinese or foreign.


Elie Rosenberg, Director:


“I tried to play music when I was younger, only to realize I had no talent. So I decided the next best thing I could do was to help actual musicians any way I could, and give people in Beijing a taste of the music I so love”


Helena Javitte, Partnerships builder:


“I wanted to help promoting emerging bands in Beijing while at the same time, discovering more about the musical scene”

Ophelie Baudoin, Beijing co-Founder

Ophelie, original co-founder, one bad-ass lady

“I like to promote creativity by gathering people who share the same passion, and I love music, that’s why I decided to take the plunge and join the project”.

Will, Film Director

Will in the thick of it

The Sponsors 

We also want to list our sponsors below, because even though our volunteers do all the work, we wouldn’t be able to do anything without the generosity of our partners and sponsors.
– The French Embassy is our main partner and sponsor. Fête de la Musique is part of Croisements, an awesome 3-month long event which regroups hundreds of events all over China that bridge French and Chinese cultures.
– Le Coq Sportif has been a long standing sponsor of the event, we are very lucky to have their support!
– PPTV has this year been a great sponsor in livestreaming many events of Fête de la Musique all over China, and 2 of our venues in Beijing (77 Theater on the 19th and Modern Sky Lab on 21st).
– Douban music has helped a lot this year as well in promoting
– Air China joined our list of sponsors this year too
– Live Beijing Music is Will’s website, it’s real important for the music scene here, so go check it: livebeijingmusic.com
– Beijing Underground is a facebook page with a lot of news on the music scene as well.
Labels: In 2016 we’ve worked with Modern Sky, Maybe Mars, D.O.G., Cold Neo, and D-Force!